Friday, May 16, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comic #210

The Autobots drastically outnumbered the Decepticons at this point so I felt the need to add some more bad guys to the mix. Since there weren’t any more of the Classics Decepticon toys yet, I branched out into other toylines, using molds I thought would be somewhat comparable to the Classics toys so I could get decent poses out of them. The first two, introduced in this comic were repaints of toys from the Cybertron toyline that were shoehorned into the popular 2007 Movie toyline, Divebomb and Jolt. Since I’m near-OCD in making sure all the characters had unique names, I decided to have Megatron give them the first silly names that popped into his head. ‘Litebrite’ and ‘Grapeaid’ as names were just over the top in stupidity but I love them, in fact they’re some of my favorite names I’ve used in the comic just behind Deathkill.  Jolt’s personality as being a complete jerk has been very easy to cultivate but I’ve had a hard time with Litebrite coming into his own. They were only meant to be ancillary characters in the first place, but I’d still like to give all the characters a little something to connect with.

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