Thursday, May 8, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comics #188-189



It could just be pity for the poor guy but I’ve loved Waspy’s character ever since I first saw him in the Beast Wars television show. It seemed perfect for Sh*twave to be the first character he met in Knockora-Offina, a relationship that went by the wayside pretty fast, and something I intended to use later on until other characters came along to fill his spot. But I still thoroughly enjoyed writing these few strips with them together in it, their characterizations bounced off each other so easily.
I skipped forward in time between #188 and #189 with the assumption that most (not all of course) Transformer fans know the basis of Beast Wars and didn’t think it was necessary to spell it out in the comic itself. Sh*twave’s wrap up in the first panel of #189 summed it up just fine anyway. And while most fans might know the basis of Beast Wars there is still a rather large divide who like it or not.

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