Friday, May 16, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comic #209

Things seemed to be going pretty well for Megatron so having him get everyone together and monologue seemed like something a 1980’s villain would do. It’s a simple, cheesy comic that I think came together pretty well, even if the picture quality is still absolutely terrible. Something to note is that Megatron calling the Predacons ‘Predecepticons’ wasn’t a typo, it was something I did to shoehorn the three Beast Wars characters in with the actual Decepticons since there were Predacons (completely different characters) in G1 also. It was just a silly way to do it, just the way I try to keep things in the comic. I like the Peanut Gallery’s reference to new characters appearing out of nowhere in the G1 cartoon, mostly with little to no explanation which, at the core was simply to sell toys…nothing more, nothing less.

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