Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comic #183

I really couldn’t keep the Autobot/ Decepticon truce going forever and it felt like it was perfect timing it one to end with Megatron realizing there were more Decepticon soldiers out there for him to find and rebuild his army. But of course my version of Optimus is incapable of seeing the forest for the trees so I wanted to have him think the truce was unbreakable. I do like Grimlock’s single line in the comic. I was really starting to show the Autobots’ were frustrated with Optimus’ characterization but of course he’s the “great Optimus Prime” so they’ll follow him anyway.
The Peanut Gallery panel isn’t anything really special, but I did manage to get a potshot at Lindsay Lohan in there by means of Hot Shot.

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