Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comics #177-180





I probably could have condensed these comics down but I wanted to try and build up a little bit of suspense. I was happy to use Wheeljack and I really enjoyed writing the banter between him and Optimus. I also enjoyed #178 and #179 being focused on Mirage and Grimlock. They really are an odd pair and their one-upsmanship at the end on #178 still works (for me anyway) reading it several years later. Grimlock being able to ‘blend in’ since he’s the outdoorsy type was silly enough to be just what the comic needed at this point.
As far as the Peanut Gallery panels go, I think they work into the jokes from the actual comics as well as having their own punchline fairly well. That doesn’t always work out, so it’s nice when it does happen! Something that is obvious but that I should point out, the word bubble at the bottom of the commentary panel for comic #177 should point at Hot Shot. It took me a long time to notice that mix up despite reading it many, many times! I tend to agree with Hound in the commentary panel for #179…sometimes it’s nice to just point the camera and click without having to worry about posing the characters!

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