Friday, May 30, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comic #229

I felt a follow up was needed for Megatron to have the opportunity to yell at the troops for following his lead. I remember the first visual I had was Bugbite tied up standing by Megatron, which made me laugh. Skywarp seemed like the obvious choice not only to be the one who initiated the retreat but also be stupid enough to realize Megatron was being chased offscreen but not think twice about it. I also like Thundercracker’s line in the first panel: “Well…isn’t that the usual code?” The Decepticons retreating at the drop of a hat will always be a go-to gag for me, and it never seems to get old. But I try not to do it constantly which is a good thing.
I thought it might be amusing for the Shortround to actually come after his computer that Hot Shot ‘borrowed’…it also acted as a good mini ‘B’ plot for this individual comic.

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