Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comic #185

This comic doesn’t seem to be anything major, but it does stand out in my mind for a couple reasons. Firstly, it was another step in Hot Rod’s characterization…just walking away and not wanting to be a part of a storyline showed his ever-growing frustration with Optimus. Secondly, it shows I was still trying to include the Knockoffs as major characters in the comic at this point. I realized I hadn’t given this team of ‘Irritatobots’ names and thought I should do so if they were going to be hanging around. Basically I took the names of an Autobot equivalent, and just used a synonym. Prowl became Stalk, Twin Twist because Double Turn, and Air Raid turned into Sky Foray. I wanted Ratchet and his knockoff counterpart to have more of a rivalry so I didn’t bother to name the ambulance anything different than ‘Dr. Ratchet’. I’m glad I decided against overusing the Knockoffs since the doctor rivalry would have boiled down to their similar names, something I had already done on the Decepticon side with Scourge…
…Something I obviously pointed out through the Peanut Gallery. Looking back at the last panel it appears like my subconscious let the sarcasm come through completely and I’m thankful for that. Definitely not as thankful as I am about not going through with the name rivalry yet again however. I’ve used several jokes more than once but this one just wouldn’t have worked in the long run.

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