Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comics #213-215




I was originally just going to add characters to the Decepticon side since they were already painfully outnumbered but I figured a couple more Autobots couldn’t hurt. First off, Grindcore’s bio on the toy packaging said he loved Heavy Metal music so, being a metal fan myself, I thought he’d be fairly easy to write for. Big Daddy is an homage to a G1 character that lead a small team that was rebellious, but I thought it would be fun to have his character be a stereotypical Pimp. Grindcore honestly has a lot more practical uses in the comic, Big Daddy’s speech being a lot more specialized. I’ve attempted to use them as much as I possibly can over the years but more often than not they’ve been relegated to background characters. They’ve gotten some pretty great moments here and there though! I especially like the Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhodes references via Grindcore in comic # 214.
In the three Peanut Galley panels, the first one in comic #213 stands out the most, since it really was one of the major reasons I was introducing more characters at such a high rate. In late 2007 I started making simple profiles for the characters, listing their name, function, first appearance in the comic, intelligence, strength, speed, courage, firepower and a short biography about their appearance in the comic. They turned out to be something that was fairly well received but at this point I had run out of major characters to make profiles for. It wasn't the biggest deal but I enjoyed making them and the readers had asked when I was going to make more. And of course, Hot Shot’s comment in that same panel is especially true about a lot of the characters outside of the major tier one characters.

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