Thursday, May 8, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comic #199

This is still a comic I’m particularly proud of. I really tried hard to convey some emotion via Shockwave but Waspinator still provided a great punch line. The photo shopping of Shockwave leaning through the Purple Hole wasn’t TOO terrible for someone with my abilities but of course someone else could have done a much better job at it. Outside of working hard to make the audience really pity Shockwave I also like Deathkill’s line about Waspinator ‘performing some perverted ritual’. Hot Shot’s desire to buy a Shockwave toy so he can hug it is something I always did as a child, when I saw a hurt animal on TV or in movies I’d always beg my parents to buy me a stuffed animal so I could give it some love…oh the things we do as kids…

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