Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Author's Reflections- Comic #211

When looking through my collection for more Decepticons to add to the comic I immediately saw Cannonball and remembered I had used him once before, way back in Comic #37 when he filled in for the Peanut Gallery when Hot Shot was ‘missing’. For the second character, I went with another toy from the Cybertron line, Shortround. I’m not typically one to pay much attention to the bios provided on the toy packaging outside of a quick read-through but Shortround’s was actually clever and stuck with me. He was a complete stereotypical nerd, even to the extent of having a massive comic collection. This type of persona would fit in this silly comic perfectly with no alterations needed. Both of these characters have been used quite often throughout the comic and they’re always fun to write for.
For this Peanut Gallery panel I thought it would be humorous for Hot Shot to have not even realized he was on the verge of being replaced when he left so long ago, and have Cliffjumper and Hound casually reveal it to him as if it wasn’t a big deal.

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