Sunday, November 27, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #19


This strip features the first appearance of Ratbat and Soundwave. Most casual Transformer fans won’t get the Ratbat jokes…in the cartoon, Ratbat was just another of Soundwaves tapes who didn’t have a real personality or talking ability, but in the original Marvel Comics run from the 1980’s, Ratbat was a fuel auditor on Cybertron. He was a total jerk about energy expenditure and somehow became the leader of a group of Decepticons which made very little sense…but I digress. His portrayal here is just a joke of his comic characterization. Ratbat wasn’t in the strip again until much later when he was part of a group of Decepticons preparing to abandon the doomed universe, but he didn’t have a speaking role. I decided to use a different font for Soundwave’s dialogue to accommodate his distorted vocoder speech pattern in the cartoon. I think it works. I’ve told a few people what Ratbat’s muffled line is when he is trapped inside Soundwave’s chest compartment, but let’s just say it’s not family friendly and leave it at that. Hot Shot’s ‘Tracks said no means yes!’ line was probably a little overboard but at least it wasn’t TOO graphic.

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