Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #44


When the Energon Optimus Prime toy (‘Doughboy’) was released it was met with a wave of hatred from the fans. I didn’t even plan on getting it because a) it had a mouth, b) it looked morbidly obese, and c) it had the interchangeable limbs gimmick that made it look more like a Power Rangers toy than a Transformer. Then of course a couple people on the website got ahold of it and said it was much better than any pictures on the internet made it seem. I was skeptical but had a little extra money from teaching drum lessons to I ventured out to Toys R Us and bought it. I was pleasantly surprised. By no means is it a masterful example of modern engineering…it still looks like it constantly sits on the couch eating cheetos…but strangely the mouth stopped bugging me. That came in handy, especially in this strip. I made sure not to use ‘Freakboy’ as one of the Primes doing the mocking since it has a mouth as well. I was so happy with the way the turnaround at the end worked out. It took me probably three or four tries to get a Peanut Gallery panel that I thought worked. I don’t remember much of what I had before, with good cause…they were all unfunny and made no sense whatsoever. I’m still not satisfied with what I ended up with, but it works better than anything that I came up with before it. I guess not everything can be a winner.

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