Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #46


The G1 Jetfire is a highly popular item by collectors for several reasons. One is its poseability and size is vastly greater than most of the others from that era, but most notably is the fact the design was actually from the Robotech/ Macross line of cartoons and toys and was licensed from rival company Ban Dai so a reissue in modern times is impossible due to legal issues. In the G1 cartoon the design for the character was drastically changed and renamed ‘Skyfire’. This design never saw a toy form. The Classics toy may not have the sheer size the G1 toy had, but fans were elated to see elements from both the Jetfire toy and Skyfire cartoon model. I thought having the two meet face to face would open up comedic doors. It’s placed randomly in the chronology of the strip but I needed a break from the multi-Prime story. Nothing else notable to say for this strip, though the reuse of the actual strip’s punchline worked very well for the Peanut Gallery punchline as well in my opinion.

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