Sunday, November 27, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #28


I thought I’d go the exact opposite route you’d expect from a group of evil warlords getting together, and have them all be fairly passive…almost bickering because it was more expected of them than really wanting to. At this point I hadn’t used a name for any of the Megatrons in the strip and was going to simply call them RiDtron, Armadatron, Energontron and Cybertrontron…my old scripts still signify this. I’m glad I took a different route with that as well. The “Your colors hurt my optics.” line is in reference to the neon green and orange colors Hasbro put on Classics Megatron to meet current toy gun safety laws, and the fan outcry that followed, and the turtles by the pond comment is a joint throwback to both South Park and Calvin and Hobbes, my favorite comic strip of all time.

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