Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #43


This is probably the culprit of being the worst strip that I tried doing some photoshopping effects with. The three cartoon characters were the human element from the Cartoon Armada (which is the series Hot Shot and ‘Brickboy’ are from) and are considered by quite a few fans to be some of the most irritating characters in a Transformers series ever. My original intent was to use Lego toy bodies and put the cartoon heads on them but I didn’t have time to search through my toys in storage for them. Then as I tried to find screencaps of the three kids on the internet I couldn’t find any that would suit my needs. I finally ended up cutting the heads out of one picture and using the bodies from another. I was using a computer I wasn’t used to using and completely butchered the photoshopping. I still shake my head in disgust when seeing this but I can just use it as a learning tool. For those unfamiliar with Transformers, ‘Daniel’ was the child character in the original G1 series in the post-movie cartoon. He was the son of the young character, Spike, from the pre-movie cartoon and was considered annoying in his won right. For me personally, Daniel is nothing when compared to the Armada kids. I like Hot Shot’s line with the frowny face combined with the pose in the last panel here.

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