Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #42


Looking back on this strip I remember feeling like I had way too many characters on the table, making a very messy background…but of course compared to the large cast I use in current strips this looks like nothing. I also remember re-reading these strips a few months after getting them done and hadn’t noticed until then I had neglected to remember to include Chase (the little red car in the previous few Autobot-centric strips) in the Autobots when I shot #42 here. Because of that I have made sure to plan out ahead of time and write out which background characters I’m using so I remember to have a little bit of consistency. I knew ahead of time there would be no big fight scene and that Hot Shot would randomly show up before a fight escalated. Naturally this would negate any sense of climax to the tension but that was the entire point. I wanted the story to fizzle out as part of the joke. I think the two panels of ‘Doughboy’ and ‘Jim’ having the flashbacks turned out alright, even if I was still getting the hang of copying and pasting…the hearts in Hot Shot’s speech bubbles turned out pretty bad in particular. The peanut gallery panel won’t be understood by anyone outside of the little comic maker community on the website. Fellow Transformers fan (and web comic genius) Shane Anderson was the mastermind of the ‘Chip Plague’ in which the characters become insanely addicted to potato chips. This explained where Hot Shot had been this whole time. I had actually intended to use the Chip Plague joke several other times since the plague was nigh incurable but sadly it had slipped my mind. Maybe it’s something I can use now, two years after these particular strips at some point. (Another big thank you to Shane for letting me bogart his joke!)

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