Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comics #55 & 56



#55 & 56
I had no intention of doing a standard court trial. I wanted it to be completely insane with everyone breaking laws left and right, but I knew I had to add in a little courtroom dialogue so the other stuff would be funnier. In the end I decided to not go as far out with it, but the end result turned out pretty good. Honestly when I took Introduction to Law Enforcement in high school I totally choked when we did a mock courtroom scenario and I had to be the lawyer. This strip turned out better than I performed back then! This was another of my forays into trying to add in things in paint—particularly the benches and courtroom items. As you can tell from the reflections in the table, I used small boxes of household items and went over them in paint using the polygon tool. I remember I spent a LONG time doing that and I was fairly pleased with the results. Of course it doesn’t look real or anything, but at least it wasn’t just aspirin and contact lens boxes stacked up. I particularly like Hot Shot’s ‘Rhinox Farts’ line, Hound and the Drones for the jury, and the GI Joe tagline in #56. I assume Manatee excrement would be one of the worst in the world, so it makes a pretty darn good insult. G1 Jetfire’s “It’s damaging to my case!” is straight up Lionel Hutz from the Simpsons. RIP Phil Hartman!

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