Sunday, November 27, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #25


The question of where the various Optimus’ trailers go when they transform is an old and cliché joke, but one that writes itself. I thought it would be funny if the Primes used their trailers as some sort of status symbol, and since Classics Optimus Prime toy did not come with a trailer it worked out perfectly to use it as a premise for the four new Optimi to gang up on the Optimus from the original dimension. Personally, I absolutely love the manners joke, as lame as it may be! I never intended to do a lot of swearing in the strip. I have since opened the gates to the ‘lesser’ curse words like damn, hell and ass, but I’ll keep on censoring the other words. It’s not like I’m showing this to my family or anything, it just comes down to the fact I think the starred out words just look funny in my opinion. This is the first strip where I used the starred out words, and never had any of the words in mind for Hot Shot’s line. This was before I’d even used damn or hell, so really any 4-letter words could really be used in its place.

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