Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #45


I thought about dragging out the Optimus/ Ultra Magnus II duo for awhile as well but ultimately I just wanted to get to the next storyline idea I had. The “rock formation with a six story Decepticon insignia carved into it” is literally taken straight from the G1 cartoon. It seemed both sides liked to put gigantic insignias indicating where their super secret auxiliary bases were located. This is the poster child for ideas I intended to use more than once. Second up is Optimus carrying around Ultra Magnus II’s trailer/ feet. Other than the next strip Optimus appears in, it was something that was forgotten. The third was in the Peanut Gallery panel…in a future strip I wanted Hot Shot to reveal he and his ‘metal bride’ had differences and were forced to split. There’s a good possibility that last idea could still see the light of day.

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