Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #49


Optimus Prime is supposedly the begin all end all Transformer…having few faults and someone to pattern your life after. I think one of those faults in the inability to sing on key! Fans of Transformers will recognize the lyrics as being from an 80’s metal song from the 1986 animated movie by the band Specter General. Again I threw in the gigantic insignia joke to make fun of the original cartoon. Menasor was one of my favorite combiners from the original toyline so that’s really the main reason I chose to use it. It worked out great for future strips though so I’m glad I played favorites here! I wrote the entire strip around the idea of Optimus transforming with Ultra Magnus II’s trailer still attached and a pseudo-combination occurring because of it. I find the gigantic feet hilarious personally. In the panel with Optimus looking down at his feet, I drew a squiggly line to symbolize angry cursing but on the chat board it was pointed out that it looked like a penguin on skis. It was unintentional but it makes me chuckle every time I look at this panel. “Super Flying Shoe” is just me making fun of the constant finishing attack moves in every Japanese animation cartoon. I originally had a completely different ending in mind but I remembered Menasor’s face slipped over [combined form’s main body] Motormaster’s face making is more of a mask than a head. I didn’t know exactly where I’d go with it, but I tacked the “A mask?” ending on just for the hell of it. The Peanut gallery panel reveals just how much the trio respects their writer…

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