Monday, November 28, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #40


This marked my last comic for 2006. The initial confrontation for the fight was needed and I thought this cliffhanger worked well. I really like the exchange between the Decepticons at the beginning, and the revealing of Cybertron Megatron’s name opened up the pathway to give the other Megatron characters new names. I originally just intended to have him answer that his name was simply ‘Jim’, but as I was putting the dialogue bubbles in I remembered a line from the mid-90’s Tick cartoon…in one of my favorite episodes as a kid the characters went to a super hero nightclub and the Doorman (also his superhero name) simply said “Men call me…Jim.” I used that line instead. Being unfamiliar with Star Trek lore, I mistakenly misspelled ‘Kahplah’ as ‘Kablah’ as I thought I had heard it in the movie Team America: World Police. Someone corrected me after I posted it on the website and I rectified it in #42, the continuation of the story (#41 is more of a teaser than anything else).

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