Sunday, November 27, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comics #15-17





I’ll lump the next three strips in together since they’re in the same vein.

I had no intention of keeping the Special Robot games going as long as I did, but these one-shot panels turned out decently. However #15 didn’t come off as obvious as I hoped. G1 Sludge (an Apatosaurus) was very strong but by far one of the Dumbest (if not THE dumbest) Autobot ever. His ignorance was part of his charm. I thought that him holding one end of the tug of war rope but not really knowing what he was doing while the other three struggled would work…and while it did conceptually and visually some readers who may not be familiar with the character would have no idea what was going on. I do like the poses of the other three trying to pull turned out REALLY well though!
#16 is pretty straight forward, there’s really not much I can say about it except that I like Optimus and Megatron chatting like old friends when just a few strips earlier, Megatron’s whole plan was to fund the games in order to kill Optimus. My way of giving a nod to the old cartoon when there was a few episodes pretty close to each other where it seemed like Optimus and Megatron were teaming up all the time.
#17 is my least favorite strip ever. Conceptually it worked, and the dialogue made it obvious what the intent was supposed to be, but I just didn’t have the skills at the time to cut Wing Saber out of a picture and put him in what appeared to be a pool. I’ll take a mulligan on this one folks!

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