Monday, November 28, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #37


Bumblebee is by no means my least favorite character, but every cartoon has had one of the ‘kid friendly’ guys used as the cute and cuddly little mascot that children are supposed to identify with. This also typically makes them quite annoying to adult viewers. In every series Bumblebee has appeared in, his portrayal has been rooted in the same ideals. The entire joke here was to pave the way for his upgrade into the Classics character mold in the next strip. I thought it would be funny to see one Autobot character just tell him to his face what everyone was thinking. This also marks the first appearance of Cannonball, the pirate character. I’m not one who goes crazy over pirate stuff, but the inexplicable hilarity of having a robot pirate was too funny not to include. I brought him in as a full time character to the strip MUCH later, but his one-shot appearance with Hound and Cliffjumper here obviously made enough of an impression on my memory to make me want to add him in later.

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