Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #50


The first panel here got a unanimous “WTF?” from readers. That’s really what I was going for anyway, since the Mel Gibson face was just randomly chosen. I put one of my South Park Season Disks into my laptop and cut out the head to paste it into the strip. I thought strip 50 would be as good a place as any to bring the Primes together and go in a new direction. I thought for a long time about just what could bring the characters together and finally realized there was one thing the Transformers can almost agree on: the annoyance of Wheelie. So I put that to good use. I really like the way the panel turned out with all the Primes chasing after him, Freakboy and Fratboy in their fire engine modes. I was a little disappointed that Doughboy was blocked from view a little but overall I was happy with it. Ultra Magnus II’s one-shot was just thrown in for the fun of it.  I was worried I’d have to rewrite the Peanut gallery panel since when I wrote the script I wasn’t sure if the Menasor head would be able to be used as a mask for Hot Shot but I was relived when it worked out perfectly.

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