Sunday, November 27, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #3


Now that the main leaders were in place for the strip, there were a couple other things that happened in the movie I wanted to ‘undo’ for my splinter universe. Wanting to use all the Classics toys aside, Starscream is one of the most recognizable characters in Transformer history. I couldn’t have Megatron in the strip without his outspoken, flamboyant, backstabbing subordinate. I set up the coronation scene as close to the animated movie as possible, I only wish the Ramjet Classics toy had been released at this point since that character was on the pedestal with Starscream along with Astrotrain. The main two lines I really like is Starscream’s Cosmo line in reference to the massive crown (that belongs to the giant Starscream toy from the Cybertron toy line), and Megatron’s “What do I look like, someone who had been given a completely new body and name? I am Megatron, why shouldn’t I let your insubordination slide?” I also like the various question marks and exclamation points above the Constructicon’s heads. At this point I was obviously still using Hot Shot as a bull’s eye for my hatred of the toy.

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