Monday, November 28, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #34


Since I enjoyed writing a new character into the Peanut Gallery panel, I decided to throw in random strips to keep doing it. This strip introduced Ultra Magnus II. I had always intended to rename him in the comic since I already had the G1 Ultra Magnus character in strip #2, but decided I’d probably not use the G1 toy much since it was in a hard to reach spot on my display shelf. Naturally I DID use it more in later strips, forgetting I’d never done anything to rename the Robots in Disguise (RiD) version here. But I just shrugged it off since I don’t think I’ve ever called this character by any sort of name in the strip at all. For those not familiar with Transformers, specifically the newer toys, the RiD Optimus and Ultra Magnus toys combine into a bigger robot called Omega Prime. That’s why Ultra Magnus is splitting into parts and trying to attach himself to Classics Optimus in the strip here. Since they’re incompatible, this is how I image the result would be. The last panel (the one before the Peanut Gallery) didn’t turn out exactly as I envisioned it…Optimus is just supposed to be pointing his gun at Ultra Magnus but it seems like he shot him apart. I should have added a panel in there to explain it better, but it probably would have interrupted the flow. You win some you lose some I suppose. I like the Peanut Gallery panel with Fortress Maximus in it…just the bottom half of the legs visible turned out really well. (Again, for those unfamiliar with Transformers, Fortress Maximus is the largest transformer toy ever. It’s just over 3’ tall. I bought that one on eBay in 2002…don’t ask me how much I paid to ship that thing since I’ve tried to forget. Though I’m sure it wasn’t as much as the massive bass guitar amp my buddy Matt had shipped to his dorm room!)

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