Sunday, November 27, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #9


I got most of the old fandom jokes out of the way quick…the ‘Tracks is gay’ joke is one of the oldest ones. I didn’t come out and say it of course, but obviously the dialogue is metaphorical.

I had planned on spending several strips focusing on short exchanges like between Tracks and Grapple here, and having Optimus run through, shooting at Wheelie. I decided against it, thinking it would get old quite fast. I knew it was always something I could come back to later if need be.

This is really the last strip I used as a soapbox to mock Hot Shot. Not only was it totally out of Hound’s character to call him ‘Tard Shot’, but during the time I was writing the next few strips I had begun to enjoy writing Hot Shot as a sweet little scamp and wanted to further explore the character in that way.

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