Sunday, November 27, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #2


After Megatron’s strip I knew I had to do the same thing for Optimus Prime, who originally died in the ’86 Movie. Now I wasn’t one of the kids who were completely traumatized by his death, in fact I was more upset over the demise of the likes of Prowl and Ironhide than I was Optimus…and I don’t have anything against Rodimus Prime, the new leader for the Autobots, but if Megatron was there Optimus Prime had to be. Plus of course I was determined to use all the Classics toys (and the Titanium toy of Rodimus Prime wasn’t even known about at this point).

I went with one of the long-standing jokes in the TF fandom in which the character Perceptor declared Optimus’ wounds fatal, but really Optimus only had some wounds in his side and some dents in his face. So naturally it was an easy fix to declare Perceptor a quack and just have them fix Optimus up into his Classics toy body. In the original script I had more dialogue for Arcee, but at the time my graphic skills were pathetic and I had a hard enough time fitting in all the dialogue balloons as it was so I gave up on giving her the dialogue I had intended. It was “Far cry away from that time you got the Heart of Cybertron out of Megatron, huh?” in reference to a season 2 episode in which Perceptor was quite the hero based on his intelligence. The line was pretty long and didn’t flow with the rest of the script anyway, so I’m glad it got cut. I do like Kup’s line, “How can the smartest ones also be the dumbest?”

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