Monday, November 28, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #36

The Classics Grimlock and Mirage toys had just been released and I was eager to throw them into the strip. I just used Grimlock as a background character here since I was sure I’d use him more in later strips, but Mirage turned out to actually be one of my favorite Transformers toys ever, so I think I’ve used them both almost equally…maybe Grimlock a tiny bit more. But the point of the entire strip was just to try to get things geared toward a resolution in the plot, with a little bit of personal opinion thrown in for the joke. The Cybertron Optimus toy has a flip down faceplate feature, and the actual face and mouth beneath is really pretty ugly. So I thought having the Minibots (smaller Transformers obviously) cry at the sight of it would be humorous. In the G1 cartoon, Warpath, the tank Transformer in the last panel, would always make “Bang!” “Pow!” exclamations whenever he said anything…tourettes? I don’t think that’s a far cry from the truth.  

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