Sunday, November 27, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #7


I was still getting the hang of properly sizing the pictures and unfortunately this strip was one of the ones that suffered the most. I still have the originals that aren’t so scrunched, which I’ve posted here on the archive.

This marks the infamous introduction of Shockwave’s upgraded form, dubbed ‘Sh*twave’ by Megatron. Sh*twave has never transformed in the strip past his first appearance here, but I did allude to the fact that, like his preceding body, his new one doesn’t have mass shifting abilities either leaving him as a gigantic car should he need to do so.

My favorite line is the first panel where Megatron calls Tantrum ‘useless gun fodder’ and is really only looking for Shockwave because he wants to taunt him. At this point I was really making Megatron out to be a total jerk with no redeemable qualities, something I’ve relented on for several occasions.

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