Sunday, November 27, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #22


I wanted to spend several strips with Perceptor conducting different tests on the four different versions of Optimus. I actually did try quite a few different reasons why there would be multiple Optimi around, but eventually settled on the dumbest explanation possible. The ‘temporal flux thingamajig’ was used as an excuse to randomly introduce new characters from the various Transformers toylines. I realize it was really taking the easy way out but it has worked to my advantage on several occasions. I actually really like the dialogue of the different Optimi in this particular strip, since I (in my opinion of course) nailed the mood of five different guys who are supposedly the same person all finding themselves existing in the same place and time, each one of them wanting to claim the one true identity. Of course that’s a little deep for a dumb internet strip based on characters from a toy line but the implication is still there. This also marks the first time I used “Rabble!” in one of my strips, which I got from South Park. ‘Rabble’ is a funny enough word on its own but it really does work perfectly to signify a rambling out of control mob.

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