Sunday, November 27, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #24

 *Dialogue arrow in the above frame is supposed to be pointing offscreen to the left!


I didn’t want to use the subtitle from the toylines to differentiate the different versions of Optimus, so I knew I needed to come up with surnames for each of them. Brickboy and Doughboy came easily, but I had a hard time coming up with names for the other two. I thought I’d characterize the Robots in Disguise toy as a young guy who likes to party so I called him Fratboy. The characterization I had in mind never really came fully to fruition so I’m sure the name seems pretty random and confusing. I settled on Freakboy for the Optimus from the Cybertron toyline just based on the weird face the toy had when the faceplate is flipped down. Deadboy for the Classics toy is of course not only based on the dialogue and situation in the strip but also referring to Optimus’ many deaths throughout the cartoons and comics over the years.

The Peanut Gallery panel was integral to a future storyline, which I will discuss later. I don’t want to get TOO far ahead of myself.

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