Sunday, November 27, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #5


When I first wrote this edition, I hadn’t yet had the idea to upgrade Shockwave to the Alternators toy. I had intended to spend several strips having the Decepticons relentlessly abuse him and his ‘unwavering logic’. My G1 Shockwave toy has pretty loose joints however and I realized I would get frustrated fairly quickly so I scrapped what I had written and went in a different direction. The character in the cartoon is somewhat whipped in his dedication to Megatron, a vast difference from his portrayal in the Marvel comics run of the 1980’s in which he sought to destroy Megatron and take over leadership of the Decepticons. The meek lapdog Shockwave is more fun to write for, since the treacherous backstabber is already well handled by Starscream.

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