Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #41


At the end of 2006, I had the opportunity as part of the BSU marching band staff to go to the Fiesta Bowl (amazing experience!). We departed on the 28th of December, the game was on January 1st 2007 and we returned home on January 2nd. This strip was originally intended to be posted right before I left with an epilogue saying everyone would find out ‘Next Year’. Unfortunately due to the craziness of preparing for the trip I wasn’t able to get it uploaded to the website in time. I had to settle for posting it after I got back. Either way my intent remained the same anyway. Even only being a teaser I really like the way this turned out! It marks the first appearance of Inferno, Quickstrike and Waspinator long before I ever thought of adding them as characters in the strip. I’m surprised I got both my cats (at the time still kittens!) to look at the camera at the same time, and it took me about 10 minutes to find a pose to balance Hot Shot with the drumsticks on my drumset. The picture of Hot Shot in the ‘stay tuned for the answer’ panel was taken from the next strip when he made his return. The same can be said for the disfigured heart, minus the smiley face. At the time this was a breath of fresh air just taking random pictures for the strip instead of focusing on all the characters in the actual storyline. To this day I consider this strip to be one of the ones I had the most fun with creating.

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