Sunday, November 27, 2011

Author's Reflections- Comic #26


A more recent addition to the Transformers lore is Optimus Prime usually having the ability to combine with his trailer to utilize a more powerful ‘super mode’. This is met with mixed reactions with fans since ‘the original Optimus just needed a gun to kick some ass’. But I really think the main gripe was that in the cartoons it seemed like Optimus would go straight for using the super mode and not try to fight on his own. Personally I really don’t care since its just a cartoon and more than anything else a 20-minute toy commercial, but the whole thing does make for some good jokes. To me, ‘your mother’ is something that can be thrown in anywhere and have at least a small amount of humor. Hot Shot’s ‘super mode’ in the last panel still makes me chuckle.

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