Friday, June 5, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comics #291-292



Since there weren’t too many other upgrades I wanted to focus a lot of attention on I figured the next best possible story to begin wrapping up was the Movie parody. These two comics were just used to build up to that climax. The movie references were getting more and more contrived, as seen here. The connection to the world wide web was used once again, Optimus ignoring Ratchet’s medical advice and Ratchet saying he knew Megatron’s exact plan were all taken from the first movie but didn’t work as well as what I had done before. It was definitely time to wrap up the movie Autobots’ story.
That said, I do like the comparisons the two teams of Autobots were making to either the Allspark from the movies and Primus. Its definitely not as funny as the other dialogue in recent comics but its really the only thing that stands out in these two comics.

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