Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comic #315

Since I never had any intention of making Waspinator’s plan come to fruition this was the perfect moment for Nemesis Prime and Galvatron to find Megatron. Unicron’s two heralds were great characters for this comic, and worked together so well as foils for each other. I chose nemesis Prime’s dialogue font because it looked cool, but one of the replies on the chatboard made a comment of how he had an ‘Olde English’ accent and I thought it would work great for the character, though the mention of his accent only came up a couple times during the comic run. I pushed Galvatron’s typical insanity to the absolute limit, making him borderline nonsensical most of the time. Like bringing back Unicron, these two characters would send long-lasting ripples through the rest of the comic from this point on.
At the heart of every villain is a coward and the Decepticons deserting Megatron in his time of need seemed to be exactly what they would have done. Likewise, Waspinator, even blown to bits, was the type of ultra loyal follower (not to mention attention starved) to stick around when everyone else had run away.
Since I was close to ten panels as it was I decided to add in Megatron’s joke in order to work in Galvatron’s line from the 1986 G1 movie. It was absolutely groan worthy and I’m sure more than one reader rolled their eyes. That makes me like that particular panel even more.

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