Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comics #351-352



At the time I thought a truce between all the characters, INCLUDING Unicron and his heralds would make for some interesting possibilities and even considered having Optimus and Unicron fight Mini-Megs side by side but that idea lasted about two minutes before being thrown out. I came up with something better anyway.
Comic #352 is where the rivalry between Deathkill and Nemesis Prime began, which lasted the duration of the comic’s run for better or worse. I didn’t have anything to base it on or any future ideas for it at this point, I just thought it could be something to go into for a future story.
The peanut gallery panels for these comics admittedly weren’t that great, I was focusing more on the story than coming up for punchlines. Cliffjumper’s body cast turned out pretty funny though, even if the reflection of the toy in the table made it particularly silly.

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