Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comic #316

Though nothing groundbreaking or serving to move the story along, I like this comic for what it is. I like Sunstreaker’s comment about the other Autobots ‘gallantly facing Unicron’ transitioning directly into those same Autobots running away at top speed, and of course Grimlock slowly plodding along behind them a couple panels later. Bumblebee and Sunstreaker’s reaction to Optimus’ towel getting jostled off and Optimus’ response turned out pretty good.
It may seem insignificant but the concept of time has always been something very elastic in this comic. Sunstreaker says he had been trying to convince Optimus that Unicron was back “for a half hour”, something that took place over the course of several comics, whereas other times entire “days” pass by and others, especially longer story arcs spanning multiple weeks, go by second to second. Its just story pacing of course and probably didn’t need to be mentioned, but it was something that caught my attention when reading this comic and I thought I would address it.

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