Thursday, June 25, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comic #381

After writing a long storyline I wanted to do something as laid back and, above all else, as easy as I possibly could. The idea to do spotlight comics featuring certain characters actually started with this first one right here. Prowl was my first Generation One Transformer, bought for me when I was three years old because my grandfather was a police officer, and he has always been one of my favorite Autobots so it seemed fitting that he would be the first character to get a spotlight. The content was inspired by watching the TV show COPS one evening, and I recall being incredibly amused by a call the officers went on in which a hysterical person was babbling about their neighbor who attacked them with a boat oar. It was incredible ludicrous and I originally thought to just use that verbatim in the comic, but as I started writing it I decided to just keep it as simple as possible. Since I had done it once before way back in comic #145 I thought this could be the start of a running gag of the various Prowl toys coming in and administering some brutality every once in awhile but it never went any further than this. The shot of Mirage being dragged away (in poorly photoshopped handcuffs), complete with Wheelie’s face blurred out like they do in the COPS show turned out great. Of all the spotlight comics I’ve done, this one remains one of my absolute favorites.

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