Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comics #283-284



We can assume the previous two comics slightly overlapped time-wise with what was going on with Starscream and crew from the previous week. Neither of these comics are anything spectacular but I did have fun with Thundercracker and Skywarp totally rejecting Starscream’s coup. It really went well with what Thundercracker’s personality would be like in future comics.
I definitely wanted the Autobots to retake Ratchet’s articulation upgrading machine but it didn’t need to be anything spectacular. Starscream retreating in shame while the Autobots laughed at Acid Storm’s origin worked adequately.
I can’t say the Autobots hoping that Erector would have switched sides sooner worked as well as I thought it might have since even though I pushed personalities to the extreme and some of them were extremely arrogant and jerks they were still good guys at their core. However it was a one-time mention, forgotten and never brought up again. Maybe if it had’ve come from Optimus I’d feel differently.

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