Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comics #286-290






To be perfectly honest I had briefly run out of short-term ideas at this point, so I spread what could have been done in a couple comics out to an entire week. I wanted to continue using the Decepticons since it had been Autobot-heavy for so long, and the most obvious this to do would be to bring Starscream’s takeover plan into effect immediately since, as usual, he was obviously destined to fail anyway. There’s nothing extraordinary about these five comics, but I always had fun with the very played out power struggle between Starscream and Megatron. I also like Onslaught and Erector’s “betrayal” of Starscream; using a comrade for personal gain seemed exactly like something a Decepticon would do.
The only real thing of interest is that I remember debating whether or not to have Acid Storm speak at this point. I’m glad I chose not to, it kept a bit of mystery surrounding the character for a little bit.

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