Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comic #354

Onslaught was supposedly a master military strategist so he was the obvious pick for Optimus and Deathkill to go to in hopes of coming up with a plan. His first two plans were straight from the Generation 1 cartoon, but the third I find hilarious for reasons few people would understand. There are two of my best friends, brothers, who have ‘Vander’ in their name. One of them, unintentionally, has a tendency to reuse one-liners from people without giving them credit and the other is unapologetically late to everything. It was obviously an inside jokes that readers wouldn’t understand but I have zero regrets for using it.
Deathkill’s line about Knockora-Offina not having a sun and being lit by dim flickering halogen lights was my attempt to convey something like a rundown dollar store, and that the Knockoffs’ universe is just as cheap as they are.

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