Monday, June 22, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comic #379

I considered leaving Hot Rod unconscious for awhile but he makes a good foil for Optimus so I knew I needed to bring him back into the comic to truly bring everything back to normal. This comic isn’t particularly funny or great but I do like that Optimus attempted to be completely honest with Hot Rod, contrary to his typical inept excuses and fibs. Primus grabbing Hot Rod through a Plot Hole was completely unnecessary but since Optimus had learned a little bit of a lesson during this storyline I thought Hot Rod needed to do the same to some extent. I was very proud of the shot of Primus’ hand around Hot Rod since I took them as separate pictures to simulate the size difference between the two characters and spliced them together. Its nothing amazing but for someone who isn’t that great at photoshopping or editing with special effects I was elated by the outcome. I’ve included those pictures after this commentary just to show how I was doing the low budget photo shopping.


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