Friday, June 5, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comic #298

This climactic “battle” had been planned from the very beginning of the movie parody. With most of the dialogue from the movie already having been poked fun at (and stretched very thin), I eagerly waited for this comic to utilize some of the more glaring issues I (and many other fans) had with the movie: the shaky camera work, as seen in the first picture panel, Ironhide seemingly able to know a jet is Starscream at a glace (of course its not beyond the pale of belief that age-old enemies would know when each other are around, or that advanced mechanical beings wouldn’t have some sort of extrasensory equipment to track their foes), the way the Decepticons were largely non-characters; speaking in code and acting as mindless destructive monsters, Jazz pointing the barrel of a tank into a populated area, the camera pointlessly focusing on human characters  running through the street while the epic sounds of battle are heard from offscreen, and of course how Optimus is thrown around like a ragdoll at the hands of Megatron. I was also able to poke fun at a couple last lines of dialogue from the movie, and work in movie Jazz’s death. I accept the live action Transformer movies for what they are, and freely admit they can be a lot of fun when I want to watch a mindless action movie with plenty of explosives, but I am in no way a fan of any movie Michael Bay has directed. Thin plotlines, horrible writing and actresses only getting hired for eye candy aren’t my idea of putting together a good movie. But I don’t work for Hollywood so I can only do my part and make fun of these things as an “armchair critic”.
The non-union Russion counterpart “Mikhail Bayochav” idea came from an episode of the Simpsons. I guess “Senior Sielbergo” was unavailable to produce this comic.

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