Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comics #360-362




Comic #360’s singular purpose was to push the story toward its final phase. I knew as soon as Mini-Megs went AWOL that it would be the perfect time to bring Bugbite back in an attempt to fight him. At the core it doesn’t make much sense…Bugbite isn’t a super-powerful fighting machine, he’s just an insane Bumblebee clone with dangerous schizophrenia. But he suited my purposes to perfection. I liked the way the two of them were sizing each other up in comics #361 and #362, and of course Optimus instigating the fight is great. I also like Prowl’s ‘LOL-igal’ line in comic #361. It was a bit out of character for Prowl, but I was still trying to define the newer characters’ personalities at this point.
Out of these three commentary panels my favorite is the one in #362, where Cliffjumper realizes he’s just a red Bumblebee and of course Hot Shot fanning the flames of that realization.

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