Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comic #359

I always loved using the Ungas in the comic, especially in setting up what was to come next. Obviously comics like these weren’t a laugh riot but I like them for what they are.
This comic was posted on Christmas Day of 2008, so I had to wish everyone a happy holiday (I posted the group shot and wrote ‘Merry Christmas’ in very large font above it). The group shot at the end even has a bit of a story behind it…I normally took pictures for the comic at night so the light shining in from the window didn’t affect the pictures too much but I wanted to open the blinds and get a shot of my snow-covered yard in the background. I just couldn’t get a good picture doing that, so I had to settle for having the blinds closed. It didn’t make for the best picture but everyone who had appeared in the comic in 2008 is in that shot. I thought I should probably use the G1 toy version of Cliffjumper since the PVC Robot Heroes body was new to the comic and it seemed more fitting to use the body he appeared in the most. I was very happy to get all the toys to fit on the table!

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