Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comic #367

This comic is notable mostly because it is the first appearance of several characters that would become major players further down the road. Like comic #366 it was intended as filler and to show the explosion sounds being heard by more than just Optimus’ group but Unicron and the Heralds were much more inspiring to me. I like nearly all the dialogue and using Paris Hilton as a herald of Unicron is still amusing to me, even if it was a massive pain in the butt to cut out the picture of her head to use South Park-style. Paris’ body was a cheap Barbie doll I got at a dollar store and ripped the head off. It wasn’t stable at all and I had to use other toys to keep it propped up. Using Apocalype (from the X-Men) and Lord Zedd (from Power Rangers) seemed like a funny idea at the time but I abandoned them when the Heralds made another appearance later in the comic series, which I realize is a spoiler but it's not that important of one.

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