Friday, June 5, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comic #296

At this point I was eager to wrap up the Movie satire and fully bring the Decepticons back into the strip but I was also getting ready for my first crossover event with fellow TFW2005 chat board member ShadowDragon. This comic served to start pointing the characters toward both of those storylines. What had originally been a throwaway gag in comic #290 turned out to be very useful short-term; Skywarp eagerly running offscreen to get a treat not only led him to run into members from ShadowDragon’s comic (the ‘oddly titillating lady’ Skywarp mentioned being one of the Busou Shinkis ShadowDragon used in his comic, which is also where this encounter took place), but it also opened the door for him to see the Movie Autobots (offscreen) and report it to Megatron, leading into the climax of the movie parody. So, while there isn’t much at face value, this comic was very important for what was to come!

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