Thursday, June 11, 2015

Author's Reflections- Comics #329-330



I’ve always liked when the supposed ultra-powered characters turn out to be the most bumbling, so Nemesis Prime and Galvatron not being able to track down Megatron was a pretty obvious route for me to take. It didn’t take me too long to decide to bring in a third heralds, one that was the complete opposite of the two that came before; an unassuming little character that actually WOULD live up to the hype. I knew which toy I wanted to use but I sent fellow TFW2005 board member Puppylove a message asking her if she would mind me using a prefix she used in her comic full of adorable characters: “Mini”. She was ok with it so I introduced a ‘cutesy’ character of my own, a non-transforming plastic figurine of 2007 movie Megatron from the Robot Heroes subline of Transformers. The face of the toy looked adorable yet psychotically deranged and it suited my purposes perfectly. Mini-Megs, as I called him, was yet another character that would have long lasting effects on the comic, almost to the very end.
I was happy with the way the photoshopped panels of Nemesis Prime building up Mini-Megs’ introduction turned out…once again someone else could have done a much better job but the terrible cutting and pasting had become a staple in the comic and I felt like it added to the silliness. I chose the evil things surrounding Nemesis Prime in panel 8 of comic #330 at random, and of course had to give Puppylove a shoutout in the script for letting me use the Mini prefix. I can’t say the big Mini-Megs’ reveal panel turned out exactly to my liking, I had wanted Mini-Megs much closer to the camera but I just couldn’t get a good in-focus shot so I had to settle for what I ended up with. Regardless, this comic was a big one and overall I was happy with the way it turned out.



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